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Short Answer Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Short Answer Questions - Essay Example At the point when one can explain the qualities it invigorates a chance to recognize the required in showing ones calling of nursing. One can give administrations with the assistance of both individual and calling esteems. Qualities are ordered by calling, for instance the nursing calling requires tolerance ,love and genuineness. Along these lines is it significant for to explain the qualities so as to execute benefits in a progressively determined manner. Open figures are the individuals qualified for serve people in general and the greater part of them do the inverse with their worth prerequisites. This isn't the equivalent with the those of expert figures since calling requires direct use of those qualities in releasing of administrations .Doctors are proficient figures and they execute obligations as indicated by their own and expert qualities. Open figures have chances as far as worth application since they do things that don’t result from the qualities they are normal from them. Government officials for example have chances as far as their qualities. They take part in debasement, pay off and tribalism during offering administrations to the general population. This is thoroughly off-base since they are pioneers and they should practice administration esteems. The term proficient alludes to a portrayal of a person who is capable or talented in a specific movement. It can likewise mean an individual who is associated with a specific movement as an occupation. Fetus removal and willful killing are significant however basic issues identified with life and demise. They include utilization of moral issues that require lawful choices . Individual mediations are additionally required before settling on a choice on premature birth and deliberate willful extermination. Premature birth is a help that ought to be offered uniquely under specific states of the patient. Lawful strategy may follow where the lawyer is included. A person’s will or choice to experience might be affirmed after thought of a few substantial

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European Business and Policy Environment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

European Business and Policy Environment - Essay Example Harsh exercises gained from two universal wars have manufactured solid bonds between countries like England, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Italy who not extremely drawn-out period of time prior had hazardous political, military and monetary contentions. All out reliance on innovative highlights at the expense of settled customary practices have anyway end up being the most despicable aspect of present day Europe. Unreasonable opportunity and individual rights have disintegrated familial and social qualities, and their belongings are felt in expanding number of disharmony and relationship breakdowns in relationships and individual lives. Europe's responsibility to natural issues, in any case, is praiseworthy and her determined endeavors to address this issue in mainland gatherings as well as at global levels will undoubtedly have healthy impacts ecologically as well as on world economy. Improved condition will likewise decidedly add to medical problems and efficiency. (EU sees green future for business) Condition issues and contamination are inherently connected to proficiency in the force part, characteristic assets and waste administration. These require administrative and observing bodies with wide extending forces to arrange, check, casing and update strategies, give rules, keep up close rope to control deviations, and punish resistance. (EU Business) Europe's reliance on petroleum derivative additionally figures on environmen... (EU Business) Europe's reliance on petroleum derivative additionally figures on ecological issues making it critical to change over to elective eco-accommodating biomass fuel for natural and financial reasons. (Georges Markatatos, 8/6/2006) The Impact of Sud Chemie on elective wellsprings of vitality Headquartered in Munich, Germany, Sud Chemie Group is operational internationally and its sound, top to bottom colleague, information and aptitude in the field of ordinary and non-customary vitality assets makes it basically significant for the organization to pioneer endeavors on exchanging over to eco-accommodating sustainable power source assets. Sud Chemie's way of thinking of saving utilization of traditional vitality and water give its items invaluable situation on decrease of outflow levels and along these lines cut down contamination levels through lower vitality utilization and higher effectiveness. (Sud Chemie) At present, the appeal for petroleum product and its expense of creation and conveyance is exceeding its antagonistic effect on condition and the capacities of the administrations to present authoritative changes in the force and vitality divisions. This factor is likewise predominating endeavors by concerned entryways to push for reasonable options as sustainable power sources. Eco-accommodating sustainable power source assets industry As of now, the expense of sustainable power source utilization in Europe and somewhere else is extremely high when contrasted with petroleum products. In this manner, the force for exchanging over to sustainable sources, for example, biomass vitality doesn't look empowering for the second and the not so distant. Research for advancement motivations behind the sustainable power sources is deteriorated because of assorted varieties in the accessibility and type of

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I had a terrible week

I had a terrible week Bluntly put, this was the worst week of my life. Geez! you say. Thats a harsh claim. Perhaps you might soften it down until its fluffy like a throw pillow*. Alright: Lets just say that the week of October 19th left much to be desired. I will elaborate on the details of “much” once I finish therapy. *Recently, someone I was talking to managed to gently massage this phrase (“fluffy like a throw pillow”) into a conversation of otherwise forgettable nature, by which I mean that I completely forgot the rest of it ten minutes later. I was completely hooked on the colloquial fruitiness of the phrase as soon as it reached my ears, resplendent in its evocations of tacky yet luxurious department-store sofas. Of course, you can barely tell how wonderful of an idiom it makes just from reading my comparatively-dry prose: imagine someone saying it with a gangsta inflection, perhaps in a context that makes absolutely no sense. Like: “Yo, its raining so hard, my shoes are fluffy like a throw pillow.” See? Pure, vernacular magic. Anyway, back to how much my week sucked. Three weeks, 13 Nobel Prizes, my friends semi-spontaneous wedding (featuring a hat parade, an Ethiopian feast, vegan carrot cake, and the coolest farm-owning Canadian grandma Ive ever met on this side of the Mississippi), a trip to NYC, three midterms, two papers, Windows 7, three nights of cooking dinner for 30, 105 miles of running, and a lot of Barack Obama have happened since the last time I blogged. The same amount of time has passed since the last night when I slept more than 6.5 hours. Now that I think about it, I dont even sleep while I blog, usually. Fantastic thing about MIT, #261: Sure, youre miserable on weeks like, say-for-instance-hypothetically-speaking-of-course, October 19-23. On the bright side, its the best miserable experience ever. If MIT is the Disneyworld of misery, then I rode all the rides this week and didnt even have to wait in line. If you asked me about how I felt last week on a scale of 1-10, I would have said negative 15 +/-2. On the other hand, if youd asked me how I felt about feeling like negative 15 +/-2, I would have given you a solid 9.5 and then offered to adjust my answers if you paid me 20 bucks for taking your survey*. *Fantastic thing about MIT, #262, is that you quickly learn to not take surveys unless theres a predicted payoff of at least $10, with exceptions for course evaluation surveys that give you free excuses to complain about your life. If Im not mistaken, there was a 3.091 class survey last year that automatically deposited $15 into the TechCash account of every student that participated (and theres 500-600 people enrolled in 3.091). 15 bucks! I could have bought 1/15th of the class textbook with that fortune! Anyway, back to my misery. It was rhythmic. I woke up every morning at 7 am dressed in a fresh layer of panic, bolted outside in 40-degree wind chill, ran several miles, made breakfast and French-pressed coffee, went to school, did work, went home, did work, went to my Black Studies class and talked about the Black Panthers, did work, went to 8.07, worked on 8.07 in the basement of the library, went home, roasted chickpeas and cauliflower, did work, socialized, went to bed, repeat five times and jump to coda. Over the torturous course of the Week from Heck (am I allowed to say this on the blogs, Matt?), I sludged through oodles of problems. Problems involving relativistic point charges, floating blocks oscillating underneath a dripping faucet, magnetic dipole radiation, proper time in an accelerating reference frame, the Maxwell Stress Tensor (stress makes me tense too! I need to stop making this pun until I pass 8.07), and electron/positron pair formation. But never did I satisfactorily solve the deeper problem of why I cared. Perhaps I never will, but let me tell you what Ive figured out so far: Insight is indistinguishable from imagination. Like all alliterative statements, this is probably profound. Take the example of a mass on a (massless, frictionless) spring. You compress it. In Soviet Russia, spring compresses you! By which I mean that it oscillates. A hummingbird of energy hovers in the liminal space between opposing forces, lingering persistently. (Can you spot the bad pun? Hint: Sho!) You imagine a metaphor for your spring. Its a metaphor that looks like this: You imagine an infinite number of masses, connected by an infinite number of springs. It looks like this: (If youve ever tried untangling one of these, you know what I mean by infinite.) Like all reasonable things, your string of infinite springs despise second derivatives. Gently you pluck a second derivative into its limber form, and it responds with a violent, burning hatred for you and all your posterity. In Soviet Russia, string second-derivates you! By which I mean that it snaps back with a second derivative in time. You pull out your pencil and scratch out a new metaphor: After twisting your imagination up a ladder of metaphors, the waves rippling along the string become rays of light propagating through space at 3*10^8 m/s. Somehow, in the grind of a pencil on paper, youve crystallized the subtleties of energy. In truth, the process of squeezing a physics problem through layers of abstraction is a frolic in playgrounds of tedium. Which is why I had a great week, even though it was terrible. On a happier note, did I mention that I went to New York City for an all-expenses-paid 23-hour field trip with my Black Studies class? Legitimately speaking, my homework was walking around Harlem, eating soul food, appreciating Black Panther art, visiting the African Burial Grounds, downing a plate of conch at a Haitian diner, and sitting through a production of Hair. Fantastic. It was a journey of self-discovery in the sense that I uncovered a secret fondness for plantains. I attempted to become a critically-acclaimed street photographer in the meantime. The first step to a Pulitzer is to set your camera to greyscale. (At the African Burial Grounds, where a student pays respect to the history of African Americans in New York by, um, looking up. I guess.) The ironic part is that I tried to make this entry sound angsty, but it ended up being fluffy like a throw pillow.

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Essay on Uni University and Its New Erp System - 674 Words

UNI UNIVERSITY AND ITS NEW ERP SYSTEM 1) This case illustrates the complexity of the relationship between technology and organization in the context of knowledge work. Some famous theories, indeed, demonstrate that there are important, complex and reciprocal causal relationship between these two aspects to the extent that different type of technologies can be associated with different form of organizations (Woodward). When you decide to introduce a new technology system in your organization you can’t think that it will carry automatically positive changes because it is difficult to predict in advance the outcomes of†¦show more content†¦Cooperation between different groups of knowledge workers it’s a complex goal to achieve: it can be obtained only throughout a strict collaboration and with a transfer of learning. 3) First of all, different stakeholders have different knowledge and backgrounds, depending on their role within the organization and their education, and this is the reason why they perceive ERP in different ways. Academic administrators weren’t unable to inform their faculty members about the financial details of their grant and contracts using the time phased approach of the ERP, Financial Managers wanted to go forward ensuring institutional governance and mediating financial and regulatory risk: in turn, academic faculty became deeply unhappy about ERP, they weren’t able to receive answers they needed to work effectively. Moreover the workers within the university weren’t informed and deeply instructed to understand and use the new IT. Uni were wrong in considering that implementation an â€Å"easy matter†, they really understimated the problem. 4) I think the result would have been quite different. Often it is really difficult to manage knowledge: knowledge work and knowledge workers cannot be tightly controlled and organized because of their consciousness about the situation, their autonomy in organizing and managing their work andShow MoreRelatedErp for Walmart5696 Words   |  23 PagesTechnology (2000) 15, 281–288 An ERP implementation case study from a knowledge transfer perspective Z OONKY L EE AND JINYOUL LE E Department of Management, College of Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE 68588–0491, USA r Fr ci s G an An enterprise resource planning (ERP) application is an enterprise-wide package that tightly integrates all necessary business functions into a single system with a shared database. An ERP implementation often entails transferringRead MoreInformation Systems and Information Technology Integration in Global Businesses2170 Words   |  9 Pageschange to information systems. Information Systems as it is defined by Northcentral University’s –Executive Concepts in Business Strategy (2011) are â€Å"combinations of hardware, software, and telecommunications networks that people build and use to collect, create, and distribute useful data, typically in organizational settings† (p. 1131). These sets of information has been used over time to enhance and improve the quality of life for individuals and businesses. Information systems have been used forRead MoreOperational Strategy in Nestle24176 Words   |  97 PagesThe University of Nottingham The School Business Studi es OPERATIONAL STRATEGY OF NESTLE BEVERAGES IN PAKISTAN Submitted by: Saad Ahmad Khan The dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the completion of MSc Operations Management July 2007 2 Table of Contents Topic 1) Introduction What is strategy? Rationale Research objectives Research questions Company background and products of focus Structure of the Report 2) 3) Methodology Literature review ManufacturingRead MoreSystems and Operations Management Mercedes Benz9163 Words   |  37 PagesSystems and Operations Management Mercedes Benz Analysis of the competitiveness of operations management Abhijeet Ghosh, A4060514, MBA Intake 14 (Group B) London School of Business and Finance Table of Content Executive Summary amp; Introduction 3 Product and Services 3 Task 1: Operations Management 4 Operations Strategy 4 Process Design 4 Body Shop 5 Paint Shop 6 Assembly 7 Just in Time 8 Quality Management 8 Innovation and Improvement 9 Supply Chain Management 10 Task 2:Read MoreHr Model6858 Words   |  28 Pagesproviding strong functional expertise with the need to align with different business needs. †¢A shift in the role of HR from being employee focused to an organisational and management focus. †¢The adoption of ERP systems accelerated by legacy fears in the run-up to Y2K and the use of these systems to improve and systematise administrative and HR processes so they become more efficient and consistent whilst linking seamlessly to the front office. As one commentator said: â€Å"The human resources functionRead MoreBusiness Plan (Dog Food)10429 Words   |  42 Pages| * Supervise controls for accounting procedures and systems * Manage tax returns, financial statements and period closings * Budget for and approve major expenses | Aaron Stirling (VP Production). He oversees the production process, draws up a production schedule and ensures the production process is cost-effective. | * Experienced in using Lean and Six Sigma tools and methodologies for manufacturing * Certification ERP Professional (Enterprise Resource Planning) * SAP CertificationRead MoreProject Managment Case Studies214937 Words   |  860 PagesOhio John Wiley Sons, Inc. This book is printed on acid-free paper. @ Copyright O 2006 by John Wiley Sons, Inc. All rights reserved. Published by John Wiley Sons, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey Published simultaneously in Canada No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning, or otherwise, except as permitted under Section 107 or 108 of the 1976 United States Copyright

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God Is Real Or Not Real - 846 Words

For most Christians my age, understanding the nature of God and whether God is real or not real is for the most part innate. I have dwindled it down to two types of people in my world, people who believe in God and who do not believe in God. Most of my childhood growing up, I believed in a creator of the world, but as I grew up and began to understand more about science as well as reasoning, I walked a fine line between what I was taught to believe and what I thought was real. My family began to drift away from God, as did I. Everything that happened in those years of growing up whether it was death, natural disasters, everyday conflict, new life or happiness, I managed to leave God out of the equation and happily continue on with my life. I was not alone in this; most of my friends followed the same path of subtracting God from their lives and conclude that world just happened to be. It was not until the end of high school and my decision in coming to Azusa Pacific University where God became real to me. I did not think philosophy and God would be able to work so well with each other, but for my friends the two were separated. They understand philosophy and science to the extent that I do; the only part of the equation for them that is missing is God. Concentrating on how Aquinas defends the virtues of God in comparison with how Anselm defends the existence of God, much information can be gathered in defense of a non-believer. Aquinas critiques the ontological argumentShow MoreRelatedGod Is Real : Is God Real?2173 Words   |  9 Pages2015 God is Real The question â€Å"Is God real?† has been speculated for years and years. It is one of the main questions that is still being asked in today’s world, with movies, music and media surrounding it. The popular movies that have recently been released such as â€Å"God’s Not Dead† and â€Å"Heaven is for Real,† are perfect examples of this, with millions going to see them, and supporting the assumption that there is a God and place called Heaven. Millions of people assert their faith of God on a dailyRead MoreIs God Real Or Not?1908 Words   |  8 PagesThroughout my life I have been involved in a dynamic battle that always comes back to one question: Is there such thing as â€Å"God†? I have been raised up in a pretty much non practicing Christian home. To grow up in this type of lifestyle I have encountered a multitude of different belief systems that were either Secular or Christian-like. But with this debate of if God is real or not I have come across the issue of how to walk out my life with the time that I have. This paper will go through the debateRead MoreWhos to Say Whats Real744 Words   |  3 PagesWhos To Say Whats Real Many people often wonder what is real in their lives, especially whether the idea of heaven and God is real or not. Some think that what cannot be proved with facts is not real, where as others revolve their lives around the possibility of there being more after they pass on. Everyone has doubts in their religion, even preachers which is shown in the movie Heaven Is For Real. The movie seeks to explore if heaven truly is real after a small boy claims to have experiencedRead MoreReligiological Questions and Answers Essay1126 Words   |  5 Pagesthrough our spiritual beliefs. In order to gain knowledge I rely on the Word of God. The knowledge of God is the most valuable knowledge a human being can possess. The Word of God can be found in Scripture. Proverbs 2:6 tells us that the Lord gives us wisdom and that the wisdom of God results in knowledge and understanding. But it is also clear that simply being aware of God’s existence is not adequate; the knowledge of God must encom pass the profound appreciation for Him and produce a loving and growingRead MoreComparing Aquinas And Descartes Arguments For The Existence Of God766 Words   |  4 PagesAquinas and Descartes both have arguments for the existence of God, with some similarities and a multitude of differences. Descartes presents two major premises in his argument with his degrees of reality principle and his casual adequacy principle. It is possible for Descartes to be influenced by Aquinas, but the arguments for the same thing differ greatly that even if any inspiration Descartes could have pulled from Aquinas work is minimal, to say the least. Comparing Aquinas and Descartes theyRead MoreIn This Next Step We Uncover The Metaphysical World Around1426 Words   |  6 Pagesdoing anything. God, just like us comes under this category of being, as being comes not just from existence, but rather our essence. The next text comes from Elizabeth Johnson called â€Å"Speaking about the Living God,† which focuses on the name of God. God never tells us what God’s gender is; only that God is. So by assigning God a gender we limit the power that God has, by making God only male we limit the feminine side of God’s love as well as those who are uncomfortable with a male God. The next textRead MoreRites Of The Catholic Church1354 Words   |  6 Pagesmany symbols of the Eucharist, bread, wine, water, chalice There is a real presence of Christ in the form of bread and wine. In the Eucharist, Christ is present in the totality of His being. The Second Vatican Council proclaimed that the Eucharist â€Å"is the source and summit of the Christian life† â€Å"the source and summit of the Christian life† (Vatican II, Lumen Gentium, Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, paragraph 11),The real presence of Christ in the Eucharist comes about through transubstantiationRead MoreComparing The Matrix With Readings From Plato And Descartes1023 Words   |  5 Pagesdifferent as this essay indicates the world is very real. The Matrix In The Matrix, Neo realizes his world is in reality a computer generated world, in which people only live simulated lives, evident of being unreal. The movie portrays the world as ersatz, it is a venue that allows people to live a seeming normal life, but in reality they do not. This is very much how prisoners of the Allegory of the Cave reason the shadows they see are real. By believing this, the prisoners of the AllegoryRead MoreThe Ontological Proof Of The Existence Of God1137 Words   |  5 Pagesontological proof of the existence of God. First, I will discuss what ontology is and how it connects to this proof about God. There are two kinds of proofs that are going to be talked about in this essay. The ontological proof was created by Anselm who made this argument that God does exist. To begin this discussion, ontology is a part of metaphysics and concerns itself with the nature of being. Ontology seeks to answer questions about existence, what’s real and what is not r eal. The ontological proof is setRead MoreThe Point Of Knowledge And Faith Through God912 Words   |  4 Pagespertinent topic. This essay will suggest the valid point of God answering the question â€Å"what is reality?† and what we can know of what exists and why. While answering this question, the point of knowledge and faith through God, how they are interconnected, in my opinion, will be noticed and said. Therefore, I suggest that we can know what is real through three interconnected lenses that are faith, the knowledge we obtain due to God and through in God. I believe that reality is the existence of everything

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Discrimintion Free Essays

Discrimination has similar meaning as Inequity or favouritism. Discrimination is a considerable common problem throughout the world. Especially girls have to face discrimination everywhere in the world. We will write a custom essay sample on Discrimintion or any similar topic only for you Order Now For example in the remote areas of Pakistan like Sindh, girls school entries are less as compared to boys and girls are forced to stay at home and help in household tasks. This Is the vulnerable misery of the girl child in our society. By depriving to the right of education girls are also deprived from the benefits which are associated with education for example Job right and right to ake decisions or simply one can say that girls are deprived of liberty. Same is the situation for girls while taking their marital decisions. Girls are not allowed to choose spouse of their own choice but boys are free to take such declslons. Similarly, other discriminations also exist In our society for example even in this modern era when some Jobs are announced it is clearly mentions on the job advertisement that only males can apply this Is profession discrimination. Also in some cases females are not given equal status as male staff and females have to face allot of problems related to heir Jobs. Beside these, there are also other examples of discriminations in many societies for example Indian society is one of the best examples of discrimination on the basis of caste, lower castes are not allowed to make any relation with people who belong to upper caste. Discrimination on the basis of class Is also common In some societies many countries can be coated in this aspect of discrimination like Indian society. Also Sometimes an individual with disabilities is treated badly if some misshapen occur due to his disability, this type of discrimination arises from isabilities of people. Discrimination on the basis of colour is also existing in westerns societies where white people are given more importance than black people but now the trends are changing with increasing education. Education is the key that can change the behaviour of people towards gender discrimination and bring changes specially in developing countries Ilke Pakistan. Education Is essential to end gender unfairness, but first of all elimination of poverty is must that makes discrimination even worse In the developing world. How to cite Discrimintion, Papers

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Understanding Copyright Law

Question: Describe about the Understanding Copyright Law. Answer: How are enforceable contracts formed? 1: For forming a contract with legal bindings one must make sure to satisfy six basic elements of contract formation. First of all the parties going for the contract must have the capacity, mutual assent and consideration to undergo the legal steps needed to form this contract. They must also make sure that everything is transparent and clear in the contract and has nothing illegal in the eyes of Law. (Stone, 2012) Given organizational ownership of property (real, personal and intellectual), analyze the rights of an organization regarding the protection of its property and the legal rights and obligations arising out of the use of the property, including environmental impact and issues where appropriate. 2: A contract of commercial or business nature can be enforced under a common law or under the Uniform Commercial Code only when these essential legal elements are present in it. Two parties are mandatory for forming any contract. Both these parties act as one who offers and one who accepts a subject. The subject matter of the contract must not be unscrupulous at any condition. (Stone, 2012) In our daily life we own many things. These can be personal, real or intellectual properties on which only we have the sole right. When dealing with such properties one is obliged to know what legal remedies are available if any party breaches a contract. In three ways one can categorize business properties. These are :- a) Real property meaning anything related to the land b) Tangible property meaning all kind of properties that can be touched like trucks, computers, equipments etc c) Intangible property have no physical being but has a value attached with it. Business, organizations or individuals protect such intellectual properties as they have immense value to them. (Kom, 2005) Given a business or commercial contract for the sale of goods and services to a customer, examine the elements of the contract, and determine whether the contract is enforceable under common law or the Uniform Commercial Code 3: Any legal contract which has a force of law behind it can be termed as an enforceable contract and is an agreement of legal nature in between two parties. For forming an enforceable contract the following elements must be covered:- An offer -A situation where one party expresses willingness for making a contract with another party. Based on the subject matter of the contract a legal binding is made where another party accepts the contract mutually. Acceptance-Acceptance is the unqualified expression given by a person to whom something is offered is acceptance of the offer. Both parties entering into the contract must be competent- This means the individuals involved are legally capable for the contract. Lawful - The contract core matter must be legal in nature. Mutual Factor- Both the parties must have the common intention to meet the terms of contract. Consideration- Consideration is an important element in the formation of an enforceable contract. (Putman, 2011) Are there "special" rules for electronic contracts? 4: Yes, there are special rules for electronic contract. The Indian Contract Act 1872 governs the way electronic contracts can be made and executed. These rules must cover the following areas:- There must have an offer The offer must all be accepted A law must govern it The parties in such a contract must have an intention to create law abiding relations The parties in such a contract must be competent. Parties making an electronic contract must also have complete free consent in it. The objective or subject matter of the offer must be legal There must also be a certainty regarding the legal performance. (Keong, 2004) Identify the various types of intellectual property and elements of infringement 5: IP or Intellectual Property refers to the creation of the human mind where exclusive rights are recognized. People like business owners, innovators and artists have exclusive rights to ow n intangible assets for a specified duration. Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks and Trade Secrets are some of the various kind of IPs. These are intangible assets for an organization. Financial institutions and business owners due to these properties get the confidence to invest into an organization. Copyright infringement is some complex actions which has the basis as deception. Such an infringement arises when one third party violates some rights that has been granted by copyright owners. For establishing an infringement there must be an evidence that the intellectual property belongs to one with all legal documents in place.(Goldstein, 2010) The challenges of protecting our information from cyber thieves. 6: Protecting sensitive information from cyber thieves today has become a challenge for us. Some of the challenges in this matter are these questions:- a) Where do cyber thieves get all information. b) How much information must be shared has to be judged. c) Enhancing malware is a challenge. d) Enormous personal information stored digitally e) Many times we do not understand that we are the victim of cyber theft. f) Phishing Scams g) Not keeping software updated h) Spammers turning the computer into a zombie References: Goldstein, P.(2010). Understanding copyright law. Retrieved from Putman, C.(2011). The Nuts and Bolts of an Enforceable Contract. Retrieved from Keong, C.(2004). Formation of electronic contracts. Retrieved from Kom, N.(2005).Guide to Intellectual Property Rights and Other Legal Issues. Retrieved from Stone, R.(2012). Elements of the law of contract. Retrieved from